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Soothing Spice Lozenges

· Essential Oils
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It’s no news that the ginger plant has a long history of uses in traditional health practices and is still trusted to this day for its soothing properties. Earthy and warming, dōTERRA® Ginger essential oil is derived in Madagascar from the fresh rhizome, which is an underground stem that shoots out the roots of the plant.

Let’s open our bottle of Ginger and whip up a homemade, all-natural lozenge for soothing some of the raw, unpleasant feelings that accompany respiratory discomfort. As you consider other ways to use these versatile homemade drops, remember that Ginger has long been trusted for its ability to combat occasional queasiness and support healthy digestion, among many other things.

To make your own Soothing Spice Lozenges, collect the following:

½ cup coconut oil

½ cup raw honey

4 drops Ginger

4 drops Lemon

3 drops Cinnamon Bark

Hand mixer or stand mixer

Miniature silicone molds

In a medium bowl, whip coconut oil to the point it becomes soft and fluffy. Add honey and essential oils, then mix well. Pour mixture into a tray of miniature silicone molds, such as a candy tray. Not into candy or soap making, and you don’t happen to keep small silicone molds handy? Simply drop teaspoons of the mixture onto wax paper. The lozenges may not look as uniform or pretty, but they’ll achieve the same effect at the end of the day. Place the candy tray or wax paper lined sheet in the freezer to harden. Once hard, pop out the small shapes, or remove them from your lined sheet. Store lozenges in an airtight container in freezer or refrigerator.

Employ these creamy wonders to help ease uncomfortable feelings in the throat, popping them as needed. It bears mentioning that these are not candies for young children, and should be properly labeled and kept for their intended usage! Anyone familiar with the properties of coconut oil knows it is not only wonderful for diluting essential oils, it can also lubricate the throat quite nicely and work its own health-boosting tricks in concert with the oils. The honey does – well – the honey does everything a loving and experienced grandma can testify it does. Just ask one! These little gems melt quickly once they hit the warm temperature within the mouth, delivering quite a combination of spice and soothe.

Consider tweaking this recipe to create your ideal lozenge flavor and effect. If you can handle only so much coconut oil in your mouth at a time, for example, portion the mixture into smaller shapes until you reach a palatable and pleasing balance of ingredients. As is often the case in putting your dōTERRA knowledge into practice, it’s somewhat of a personal art figuring out how to combine your oils in just the right method and balance that work for you.

Once again, Ginger shows up and surprises us with her ability to tame that hot, spicy nature and deliver soothing power. Whip up a batch of lozenges now so the drops will be ready and waiting to deliver warmth when needed most!