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Roses Are Red…

· Essential Oils
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Rose. The classic name, color, and scent are enough to conjure up pleasant images of romance, aren’t they? This well-known fragrance is beloved around the world for its sweetness, so let’s learn about the specific ways dōTERRA has made this beautiful flower available for our enjoyment!

First, a little history through rose-colored glasses. Roses have been adored for thousands of years, and medieval Persians won the prize for first distilling Rose essential oil and rosewater. It wasn’t long before Rose became famous across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia for its complexion-enhancing capabilities. Perhaps it is for this reason that roses are universal symbols of love, beauty, and seduction. Today, vast rose fields in the enchanting Eastern European country of Bulgaria source this precious dōTERRA essential oil.

Rose essential oil has long been an ingredient in various blends, but only recently has it become available on its own in the form of dōTERRA Rose Touch. The Touch roller bottle combines delicate Bulgarian Damask Rose oil with the perfect proportion of Fractionated Coconut Oil, making it simple to apply as perfume to the neck, wrists, or behind the ears. Beyond simply smelling good, you can promote radiant, healthy-looking skin by rolling Rose Touch directly onto areas of concern. To really get your hands covered in this alluring oil, hydrate them with dōTERRA SPA Rose Hand Lotion. Bulgarian Rose oil lends this moisturizer its distinctive, charming, and uplifting aroma while nourishing the skin.

If you’re fortunate enough to obtain a bottle of dōTERRA Rose essential oil, which is currently a promotional oil only and not available for regular purchase, know that it did not come to you easily! To fill one 5 mL bottle, delicate petals numbering 242,000 went through the distillation process the same day they were harvested. Rose is clearly an exclusive oil, arguably the most precious in the world. Doesn’t it make sense that something so difficult to acquire would be so prized? Consider Rose essential oil as the crown jewel and dōTERRA’s Rose-infused creations as shimmering gems that reflect its brilliance.

If it seems like a mere dream to ever own that tiny bottle of pure Rose oil, you have good reason to jump for joy at the prospect of adding Rose Touch or Rose Hand Lotion to your collection. Take some time to stop and smell the roses today!