• My Personal Favorites

    Below, I have included some of my personal favorite essential oil combos, and their uses as a combo, and their individual uses. The possibilities are truly endless with essential oils. Give these a good look, and contact me for guidance on what custom combinations would "wow" you!
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    Balance, Serenity, and Clary Calm


    I personally use all three of these essenttial oils every night before bed for a restful sleep and NO hot flashes! I rub the Balance and the Serenity on the bottoms of my feet and the Clary Calm under the insides of my ankle bone.


    Balance and/or Serenity can also be used for calming the body any time the stress gets to be too much. Just put it behind your ears, on your neck, and on your wrists like you would a perfume, and be sure to cup your hands and breathe in any time you are applying essential oils!

    Citrus Bliss & Adaptive


    This is quite possibly the best scent on the planet! It is mood elevating and calming to the nervous system. I diffuse it DAILY, and wear it as a perfume! I literally can't get enough of it!

    Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint


    These three essential oils are with me at all times. I use two drops of each under my tongue for almost immediate relief of allergies, sneezing, itchy eyes, and throat. Also, I use the peppermint to freshen my breath and to aid in digestion, or on the back of my neck for "personal summers, aka hot flashes", or when the Vegas heat gets to be too much! Lavender by itself it great for burns, and soothing the skin. Additionally, lemon goes into my water all day to aid in digestion, mild detox, and healthy blood pressure.

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