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Wild About Pink Pepper

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The color pink, a perennial favorite among girls and women, has come to symbolize the unique strength and power that they bring to the table. Pink communicates tenderness, delicacy, and beauty; and as we're about to see, it also describes the peppery power of the dōTERRA® essential oil in today's spotlight.

Pink Pepper invariably brings to mind Black Pepper, possibly inclining us to think that pink is just another variety of the black with which we are so familiar in the spice cupboard. Ah, but it would not be so! The plants from which Pink and Black Pepper oils come are not botanically related, and are chemically quite different from each other. It is interesting and true, however, that the oils can at times be used interchangeably. Despite their differences, both berries grow in the shape of peppercorns; and both oils offer spicy aromas with healthy digestive benefits, Pink Pepper being the more subtle of the two.

Pink Pepper performs similarly to Frankincense oil when it comes to supporting a healthy body on the cellular level. Taken internally, it can help support healthy digestive, immune, and respiratory systems. For an easy way to test out both the flavor and internal benefits of Pink Pepper, include it in a quick and satisfying breakfast recipe. Whip up a Pink Pepper Power Bowl by combining 1 cup quinoa, 2 tablespoons chia seeds, 1 tablespoon almond butter, 1 tablespoon honey, 1 drop Pink Pepper, and 1 cup nut milk of choice in a serving bowl. Let it sit in the refrigerator overnight, then top with blueberries and sliced bananas in the morning. This Pink Pepper Power Bowl also makes a great lunch, if you prefer it as a noon pick-me-up.

Speaking of a pick-me-up, Pink Pepper invigorates and promotes alertness to surroundings when inhaled or diffused. It's also a popular perfume aroma because of its calming, fruity, and pleasantly spicy quality. Check it out in this sky-inspired blend!

Pink Clouds

• 2 drops Pink Pepper

• 2 drops Ylang Ylang

• 2 drops Sandalwood

A shower of pink berries falls from a heavily shaken tree. Laid out to dry in the sun, the daintily colored peppercorns become a flurry of pink snow as they are handled and tossed into the air for separation and cleaning. Then, in order to preserve optimal oil content, they're scooped into bags to be distilled on the very same day of picking. In the end, one pound of pink peppercorns produces one bottle of Pink Pepper essential oil.

In both Kenya and Peru, new jobs were created when dōTERRA partnered with harvesters to utilize the abundance of pink peppercorn berries that were already growing wild on their own. Thick clusters were literally ripe for the picking, and everyone has benefited! Combine this quick harvest turnaround with the fact that nimble men and women must climb these pink peppercorn trees to shake off the berries, and we can see the labor of love behind Pink Pepper oil. This fast-growing evergreen, which is in fact related to the cashew tree, can grow up to 45 feet in both height and width — making the peppercorn harvest quite a sporty activity, a feat in itself.

Pink Pepper is also a great oil to diffuse for respiratory support. To create an environment conducive to deep, cleansing breaths, combine Pink Pepper with Frankincense and Lemon. We've already learned so much about the sprawling, drought-hardy pink pepper tree and its pretty peppercorns that grow wild for our enjoyment. As you get to know its distinctly pink hues and uses, don't be surprised to find you're wild about Pink Pepper.