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Simply Fresh DIYs

· Essential Oils
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Remember simpler times? Let’s take a moment to return to the basics with two streamlined essential oil recipes. The beauty of these recipes is that they appeal to those just beginning with dōTERRA® as well as to those who need a refreshing reminder of where they began. For those of us who’ve been oiling for many years, it’s helpful to remember why we started in the first place; it was probably because of the straightforward, foundational applications of these natural products.


A current trend is simple living, and it’s easy to appreciate this one. Ridding our spaces and lives of excess stuff, downsizing, and connecting with the world around us are all popular right now. In honor of this trend toward simplification, today’s recipes will only use one or two readily available oils; and they’ll also be recipes that are easy to remember and share as you connect with those around you. Ready to keep it simple?

To make Fresh Linen Spray you’ll need:

2 ounce glass spray bottle

1 teaspoon witch hazel

15-20 drops Lavender essential oil

2 ounces distilled water


Add Lavender and witch hazel to bottle, then fill remainder with water. Close and shake bottle. Spritz liberally onto freshly laundered clothing and linens - not enough to dampen it, just enough to let the calm, clean scent of Lavender infiltrate the material. Without resorting to harsh fabric-softening chemicals, your laundry will smell wonderful. As an added bonus, your bedding will be extra welcoming to you and your loved ones at the end of the day!


Next up, to make Cool Clean Shave Gel you’ll need:

8 ounce glass pump bottle

¾ cup aloe vera gel

¼ cup raw olive oil

7 drops Peppermint essential oil


Using a small funnel in the mouth of the glass bottle, pour in the aloe vera gel and raw olive oil. After adding the essential oil, close the pump bottle and shake well. This gel is easy to make from scratch, and you can personalize it by switching out the Peppermint for another favorite oil. Keep this gender-neutral recipe on hand to maintain friendly relations between your skin and your razor.


These recipes are so easy, it almost seems wrong. That’s probably because we’ve been conditioned to expect a complicated path to stand between us and a good thing. Not so with these mixtures or with dōTERRA in general! Return to square one of your oiling journey and enjoy the practical simplicity that essential oils bring to your daily life.