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Back-to-School Boosts

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Back to school can mean many things: back to homework, back to uniforms, back to the highs and lows of the academic calendar and the social interactions that accompany it. We’d be remiss to think that back to school means the same thing for everyone, and in this post I’d like to focus on using dōTERRA® in conjunction with a whole lot of love and care to support those students for whom back to school might mean back to struggle. Not every one of our children is cut out for instant success in the classroom, but if that’s where they’ll spend their day, we can make it a little sweeter with these simple back to school DIYs for Mom or Dad to have in place during this transitional season.

One of the most glaring changes in this season appears in the face of the alarm clock, three hours before some kiddos would prefer to wake up in the morning! After an early morning breakfast, you or your carpooling group hit the road. Let’s talk about some ways to make all that time in the car as refreshing as possible, creating a haven amidst the start of a hectic day. To make On-the-Road Air Freshener, you’ll need:

- 7-8 wool felt balls

- Thread

- Ribbon or twine

- Essential oils of choice

Thread a large sewing needle with enough thread for seven to eight felt balls. Pierce through the center of each wool felt ball until you have enough to make a complete circle. Knot the thread between the connecting wool felt balls to form a circle. Cut a length of ribbon or twine long enough to fit over your rearview mirror. Thread it through the circle and tie it off at the top. Cut off any excess twine or ribbon, and add a drop of your essential oil of choice to each ball. Consider using rich, calming Vetiver; confidence-boosting Peppermint; harmonious Balance; and any other favorites that bring tranquility and optimism to the inside of your vehicle. Hang your new oil diffuser in the car and hit the road.

When you, plus your children and carpooling crew, are ready to change up the environment in your vehicle, you can create a brand new aromatic bouquet by adding different oils to the wool felt. If you’d rather not hang the homemade oil diffuser on your rearview mirror, keep it in a cup holder or hang it in the back, draped over a hanger hook. Back there, your young passengers can really get up and close and enjoy the scents of your strategically chosen oils.

Pack those bags with more than just a nutritious lunch and a pile of good books. Give your child’s backpack (or your own) a quick pick-me-up by placing within it an oil-kissed cotton ball. A few drops of cleansing Tea Tree, comforting Harvest Spice®, or recharging Northern Escape® on that cotton ball can turn the simple action of opening the backpack into a breath of cozy and calming fresh air.

Anticipation, excitement, and anxious feelings are only a few in a wide array of feelings that the students in your life might have about going back to school. Maybe this year you find yourself heading back to school as a student, too; or you’re realizing that teachers also need this sort of extra support going into the new school year. As everyone hits the road and gets back into the routine, you can help them rise to the challenge with love, encouragement, and dōTERRA.